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We are pleased to inform you that Sur College of Applied Sciences is organizing a Two-Day International Symposium on “MANAGING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER: STRATEGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT”  on February 21 & 22, 2010. With this theme in mind the symposium seeks to bring together leading academicians and practitioners to share their insights on the topic in global context. Sharing outcome of these minds at a common platform will unfold solutions to various strategic problems in business. This symposium is an attempt to bring the knowledge creators and knowledge seekers together on a single platform so that they can understand each other well.  This symposium will also provide ample opportunities for networking.

You are, therefore, cordially invited to participate in this endeavour by contributing your original research paper/article. 

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With Regards 


Prof. S. C. Sharma

(Symposium Director) 


Two-Day International Symposium




(21-22 February, 2010 ) 








The Department of International Business Administration, Sur College of Applied Sciences, Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman, in collaboration with Programme Director, BIBA and Heads of International Business Department at Ibri, Nizwa, Rustaq, Sohar and Salalah, will hold a two-day international symposium on 21 and 22 February, 2010. The main focus of the Symposium will be on strategies for sustainable business development.  The symposium will provide an opportunity for presentation and dialogue between businesses and educators to successfully develop leaders able to compete and manage the change brought about by globalization.   

Sustainability, in a broad sense, is the capacity to endure. It can be defined as the ability of an ecosystem to maintain ecological processes, functions, biodiversity and productivity into the future. In ecology, the word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. For humans it is the potential for long-term maintenance of wellbeing, which in turn depends on the wellbeing of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources. (Source: Wikipedia)

 Sustainability acquires more importance in the field of business development in view of the growing concept of globalization. In a country like Oman which is facing the challenge of oil-depletion, sustainability becomes the need of the hour. Oman is a country whose economy is completely based on oil revenues. It is estimated that by 2020, the petrol reserves in Oman will deplete to an alarming low level. There is also a possibility that before the oil is fully exploited for the purpose of economic development, a substitute of oil will be invented by the researchers. In such a situation, the economy of Oman, along with many others, will be in great danger.  

At a time when the interdependence amongst the countries is growing rapidly, businesses in Oman need to develop strategies to cope with the challenge. Smaller economies, such as Oman, will have to face a greater challenge than others. The symposium will focus its deliberations on such a burning issue.  

With the advent of the new world, new challenges have come into play. These challenges focus on sustaining a business and pursuing it further to the state of constant excellence. The need of the hour is to create a different approach to management so as to apply various strategies to business for growth and development. 

The New World Order has been used to describe such diverse contemporary issues as balance of power, economic interdependence, fragmentation and the rise of nationalism, and technology advancement and integration. The strategies for sustainable business development need to be formulated for managing in the new world order.


• Role of International Bodies in the New World Order

• Corporate Governance and Ethical Issues

• Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital

• Role of Knowledge Management in HRM

• HR Trends in the New World Order

• Managing Customer Perception and Customer Values

• Green Marketing and Co-operative Marketing

• Emerging Trends in Advertising

• Marketing Strategies for Emerging Markets

• Logistics and Supply Chain Management           

• Government Policies for Information Technology

• Role of IT in Rural Development

• Hacking, Risk and Security Issues

• E-Solutions for Sustainable Development 

• Communication for Sustainable Development

• Sustainable Tourism Development in Oman 


Who Should Attend?     

• ACADEMICIANS          





About the Faculty

Business education in Oman attained new heights and meaning with the decision of converting the colleges of education into the colleges of applied sciences. New degree programmes in International Business Administration and other applied sciences were started in the year 2006. Best teachers from various countries were recruited to teach the new programmes. Presently there are five faculty members at Sur College of Applied Sciences to teach the degree programme in the field of International Business Administration. They come from four different countries and religions. They have specialization in the fields of Marketing, Economics, Accounting, and International Business Administration.  


 bjectives of the symposium

The objectives of the symposium are:

  • To provide a special forum to present and deliberate research in the area of sustainable business development.
  • To facilitate the sharing of research based knowledge among academicians, practitioners and business executives.
  • To bring about richness in discussion by encouraging contributions from researchers, academic institutions and industry across the Sultanate.
  • To create knowledge for the students of International Business Administration across the country.



About Sur College of Applied Sciences

In view of the growing demand for degree programmes in newly emerging disciplines, the government of the Sultanate of Oman converted six of its Education Colleges into the Colleges of Applied Sciences. Sur College of Applied Sciences is one of them. The other five colleges are at Ibri, Salalah, Nizwa, Rustaq and Sohar. It offers, like other five colleges, degree programmes in the areas of International Business Administration, Communication Studies, Information Technology and Design.  



 About The City- Sur 

Sur, a placid coastal town with its striking traditional dwellings is a pleasant place and one of the most important towns in the eastern region of the Sultanate of Oman. Sur is a 335 km drive from Muscat via the interior cuts through wadis and passes of the Hajar Mountains. An alternate route shorter by 140 Km along the coast through the village of Quriyat is adventurous and offers fabulous views of sparkling white beaches covered with multi coloured shells, deep ravines, cliffs that fall dangerously into azure seas, rocks sculpted by wind and waves and lush green wadis (river beds). About 40 km beyond Sur lie the world famous beaches of R'as Al Hadd and R'as Al Jynz, where every year about 30,000 turtles come to lay their eggs.



Important Dates


Last Date for Submission of Abstract  -       30 November, 2009 
Notification of Acceptance of Abstract  -     7 December, 2009 
Last Date for Submission of Full Paper  -    11 January,  2010
Submission of Paper
The paper must be submitted to the Symposium Director latest by   28th November, 2009 in MS-Word (Times New Roman font, size 12). Send the hard copy as well as soft copy.

Registration Fee

Foreign Delegates

Omani Riyal 100

Senior Managers/ Practitioners

Omani Riyal 50


Omani Riyal 20

Research Scholars and P. G. Students

Omani Riyal 10





One Omani Riyal is equal to 2.6 US $




Accommodation and food

All the delegates will be provided free accommodation and food.





Dr. Hamad Ali Abdullah Al-Alawi

Dean, College of Applied Sciences, Sur  



Prof. Subhash Chandra Sharma

Head, Department of International Business Administration



Dr. Mohit Kukreti

Programme Director, BIBA



Dr. V. K. Singh

Department of International Business Administration





Dr. Said Nasser Al-Farsi

Mr. Mathew Veliyathu

Dr. Sedat Yuksel

Mr. Abdul Razak Bin Mahmud

Ms Afrah Juma Al-Sinani



Head, Dept. of IBA, Ibri

Head, Dept. of IBA, Nizwa

Head, Dept. of IBA, Rustaq

Head, Dept. of IBA, Salalah

Head, Dept. of IBA, Sohar


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